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Advili Mesh Company

“Innovative mesh products for construction and infrastructural projects”

Advili-Mesh-Company is the first and biggest supplier and distributor of expanded-metal-meshes in Georgia.

Advili brings you all at the same time: simplicity, reliability, efficiency, affordability, innovation, speed, beauty
Advili is the Jeep of construction, it means; “Just enough for every purpose”

  • Lightweight and high bearing capacity.
  • Offer a stereo illuminative effect.
  • Good surface luster & breeziest.
  • Tonal harmony with the building design.
  • Easy to install and maintenance free.

Complete textures, finishes and lasting colors

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-30 at 17.10.44
WhatsApp Image 2019-11-30 at 17.10.44

Hotels – Restaurants – Hairdressers – Telecommunications

 Home – Partition – Wall – Ceiling – Animal Cages – Shields – Fences



Product Installing


We always try
Offer the most beautiful and fastest service to our dear customers in the implementation and installation of small and large projects with regard to safety.
We also thoroughly review all the installation and implementation steps.
Because we aim to provide the best quality service.
This is the goal of our company.
Be aware, however, that our staff are directly accountable to you.

Product Painting


Advili Mash Company uses the finest colors and the finest
It brings the latest and most beautiful colors to its products.


Why Choose Us?



Advili Mesh Company Limited is the leading pioneer of expanded metal mesh, so you can rest assured

Specialized advice, high quality products and what we believe to be the most comprehensive mesh spectrum
Available. As market leaders, we have the highest standards for lead times, and customer service levels
Any policy pattern you see can be produced in other cast iron with your specifications, not just in
Content is not possible due to the unlimited number of mesh patterns in each material
Features of this offering If you require any further assistance or information, please contact our sales desk or visit us
World Class Production Company
The company has begun an exciting new chapter in its long and successful history. developed
In the following pages we hope you understand more about Expanded Metal,
Our products and capabilities will find that expanded metal mesh has many benefits
Available in different types and patterns. We serve the markets
Worldwide as well as local companies with a wide range of mesh products and mesh components.
If you need more technical information
Tips or sample products, please contact us, us
I’ll be happy to help you
Jobs depend on our sacrifice
Fulfill customer and market needs
Demands. We enjoy working with clients
As partners are useful for mutual development
New relationships and products, for continuous supply
Growth for the future

  • Provides a three-dimensional look
  • Metal texture feels more modern
  • Great flexibility, strength and rigidity
  • Various patterns& innovative colors

Who We Are?


As a technical manufacturer we can offer our customers a wide range of materials, open patterns and colors of expanded metal products.
This allows the architect to express his style in as many different architectural projects as possible.
Our ideas help you bring beauty and attraction to your workplace as well as to public and private places.
This will give a visual impact to you and those around you as well as your business.

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